Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Year Of The Strawberry

With Christmas only a few days away, Nootle and I started talking about Christmases from when we were growing up (Nootle’s my younger sister). She decided her favorite Christmas was the year she got her “My Little Pony Castle” (obviously, I mean wow). And while the year I got my “Annie Mansion” is a close second, I’d have to say my favorite Christmas was without a doubt the year I got my Strawberry Shortcake bike. It really was as amazing as it sounds. (Stay with me guys, there’s a cameo by Superman)

I was the picture of blissfully happy that Christmas morning in 1981 (I was four) as I mounted the pink, berry covered bike of my dreams. This thing was tricked out with TWO woven plastic baskets, red and white streamers, and three – count them three – pictures of the queen herself, that diva of the berry-people, Strawberry Shortcake.

My brother, who is less than a year and a half older than me and understood the importance of this bike, made sure to take a close looksie at the inner workings of this fine piece of machinery before I played with it. Berry bike or not, I could get hurt. He seemed sufficiently pleased though:

(Ok sorry, I clearly lied about that Superman thing. It’s really just my brother in his Superman pajamas. Don’t be mad.)

So there I was, standing there with this new mode of transportation, this sign of my new-found independence, this nod of confidence in my responsibility from my parents wondering how it could get any better. Well ladies and gentlemen, how about a MATCHING JOGGING SUIT. I couldn’t believe how sophisticated I was. I was coordinated with my bike for christ sakes! It was unbelievable.

So I call my bff Mattel and you won’t even believe this:

(Me on the left, Mattel on the right)

She had the exact same christmas.*

And with that, I hope you get every bike, berry, and bff you wish for this year. I bet you’ve earned it.

Happy Holidays!

*Please note our parents did not plan this.


Dr Zibbs said...

HA. Great pics.

Mattel said...

We are the cutest people ever! Do you think we can find those outfits in our size now? I would sport that look everyday if I could!