Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Update :: Volume 4

Nootle on her eating habits:

I wish I’d quit eating like a hippo.

Please understand that Nootle is little but she could still be a contender for one of those professional eating contests. Especially if it was a balsamic reduction eating contest. (that was funny to exactly three people).


Sheepie, after sniffing her armpit:

It smells like a gyro under here!

Sniffs it again

Maybe a hot dog stand.


Me at Pet Supplies+

Where are your dog yamika’s?

Turns out they don’t sell them.


Nootle, who was being taken home early bc her flu made its appearance in the form of fear-of-vomiting panic around 10PM Saturday night:

I just wish I’d throw up and get it over with

Pinnah, who was with us in the car:

I can help you with that.


Lesson: Even if your crisis is puking at I-90 W and McKinley Ave, your friends will still help you.

Now go revel in holiday joy my gyro-scented favorites.

1 comment:

Mattel said...

I know Nootle would get 1st place in a balsamic reduction eating contest!

You contagious biatches need to be staying indoors!