Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Update :: Volume 6

Sheepie describing her dance style:

Just think of me as a sunbeam.

On a related note

Sheep’s Friend describing Sheepie’s dance style:

She looks like a dinosaur being born.


Nootle, while watching a commercial for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

I don't get why people are all pumped about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It’s basically the orchestral version of Whitesnake playing “Frosty The Snowman.”


Me, on Dec 26th:

People should quit bastardizing Christmas and turn off their Christmas lights.

Although I’ve documented my feelings on Christmas here, here, and here, by the afternoon of Dec 25th I’m completely over it. It annoys the hell out of my sister.


Random girl outside of The Garage:

My hair would be so much cuter in Colorado.


This week’s lesson: I should move to Colorado.

This week’s challenge (look it’s a challenge!): Name a Whitesnake song without googling it. GO!


~E said...


HA! and that is without googling. Althought the only reason I know that song is because the dude at my friends Bachelorette party a few months ago was dancing to it. ;) good times.

Alexa said...

um helllllooooooo... here i go again on my own!!!!

Mattel said...

I have to say Nootle picked the perfect combination to describe Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

As for the white snake song....I should totally know one from the skating rink days, but alas I would have to google it before I knew one. It's not a band I've had in my collection!

I'll be adding some new stuff to my collection before I come home too! Thanks to Al and good times at a Hookah bar last night!