Friday, December 19, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho, yo

I am in love with Christmas. I write it notes hoping it will check yes, I send it flowers hoping it will like them, I dry hump the Christmas tree hoping I’m not being to “forward” (because above all else, I’m a lady). I can’t get enough of Christmas.

Just so you know I mean it and I’m not just a tree-humper, this is a list of Christmas themed shows/movies I’ve watched in the last five-ish days (keep in mind I’ve been sick so I had more extra time on my hands than I ever wanted):

  • Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation – 2 times
  • A Christmas Story – 2 times
  • Dr Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (animated) – 1 time
  • Dr Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey) – 2 times
  • I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown – 1 time
  • It’s A Wonderful Life – not even half (that’s the farthest I’ve ever gotten in that movie. Meh.)
  • The History of Christmas – 1 time

Listen, I am in no way proud of this. I get how pitiful I am, I just don’t care. It’s the one month out of the year where you get to throw tacky shit all over your house and get complimented on it. (“Wow, that miniature gold sequined Christmas tree is AWESOME!”) It’s the only time of the year you get to ruthlessly and painfully spend money on people without being accused of having a “spending problem” and being told you should really “save your money” and “plan for the future.” It’s the only time of year where eating your weight in cookies is just a Tuesday.

So with that, I hope you are enjoying this time of year while simultaneously helping the economy through purchases for your loved ones.

For the cat lover in your life:

For the host/hostess in your life:

And for the romantic in your life:

And for the commie with bad breath in your life:

So go suck up some holiday joy! Just make sure you check it twice, you don’t want to suck up anything that’s not holiday joy. Or maybe you do, I don’t really know you.

Happy Holidays!


christina said...

i'm with you. i've never seen all of "it's a wonderful life." it has now become a personal mission to never see it. or "the sound of music." i like my life like this.

Nootle said... I got mints for Christmas? That's it?