Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Update :: Volume 1

Since this is the first round of Weekend Update here on TWNT, not all quotes are from this weekend. These are just a few favorites from the last couple of weeks.


Nootle (after doing the running man in my kitchen for several minutes)

“No wonder I was so in shape when I was younger, I was always doing the running man.”


Me (talking about Hot Lee)

“Just hearing his voice makes my vagina stand at attention.”


Mattel (after smuggling a crown and coke from a bar and then throwing it in her own eyes as she tried to get in my car)



Raddy (talking about her husband – who she’s been married to for 23 yrs)

“Last night he was bugging me so bad I almost sprayed hairspray in his eyes. Is that mean?”


Mattel (after being scared by something – I can’t remember what)

“That scared me so bad it made my butt hurt.”


Me (referring to the rotting jack-o-lanterns that will apparently remain on my porch until xmas)

“Those are our jesus pumpkins, back off.”


The lesson? Bars in Cleveland Heights rig their glasses to attack if taken from their homes. Noted.

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Natalie said...

I'm going to do the running man for exercise now...nothing else. just 10 minutes of the running man, daily.