Monday, November 24, 2008

Horned Potatoes

Well hey dair! I was totally missing you.


Thanksgiving is in t-minus two days, and since I’m a veggie my focus tends to lean towards the side dishes. And since I’ve set more than one kitchen aflame, I tend to look for side dishes that are easy, tasty, and for the most part hard to leave a house in a charcoaled state of mind.

So in preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve been looking for the BEST MASHED POTATOES EVAAAR recipe.

Listen, I love mashed potatoes. They make me salivate to the point of needing to put on my bright orange floaties, slap some zinc on my nose, and jump in the deep end. They’re just good. This is a fact.

After sifting through thousands of recipes (actually, none) I decided to go with Giada De Laurentiis’s Baked Mashed Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese and Bread Crumbs. Her recipe won not only because I happened to catch an episode of Everyday Italian where she showcased her skills on the potato, but mainly because it consists of two different kinds of cheese - I would eat my dog’s poo if someone sprinkled two kinds of cheese on it. I’m nothing if not refined.

On a side note: My dad once found a bag of potatoes in our pantry that had sprouted horns. He apparently found them right as I was walking in the kitchen, which prompted him to greet me with “WATCH OUT! HORNED POTATOES!” and proceeded to throw a potato at my face (which in all fairness it did have horns, so I basically had it coming).

For months after this I would get in my car and find horned potatoes. Except at this point the horned potatoes had evolved to have toothpick legs and arms. There’s no point to this story except that if you think about it, that’s sorta weird. I mean this went on for mooooonths. You had to admire his dedication.

So anywho - the mashed potatoes. I meant to test my recipe before the big day but that of course didn’t happen. So if you have any cooking tips regarding potatoes or any other ideas on how to ramp up the awesomeness of these already awesome potatoes, feel free to leave me a comment. (ahem).

I’ll go ahead and notify blogspot so they know why their server crashed. I’ll now just sit back and wait for the avalanche of comments.

Here’s to mashed potatoes, horned potatoes, and zinc on my nose.

Happy Thanksgiving you cute little turkeys.


Nootle said...

Add a little sour cream to the mix, ya know, for the milk part? Its creamy deliciousness.

DebRah said...

quit trying to run my life nootle

Mattel said...

I just decided that I am planning on eating all the mashed potatoes before anyone else! If there's not any garlic in those potatoes you could add some of that....perhaps some roasted garlic would make them even better!