Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Update :: Volume 9 (The God Bless America/Al Anon Chronicles)

This weekend consisted of cooking out, some quality hang out time with friends, and most abundantly, drinking. So grab your sponsor and grab a drink because this weekend was a bit rough.


P-Daddy: I think we might go to a tribe game if you wanna go.

Me: Maybe. How are the Indians doing anyways, I tuned out awhile ago.

P-Daddy: It's still a disaster. I'm not going to the game to watch baseball, I'm going so I can drink without being judged.

Me: You're a genius.


PC: Let's play 3-man

Me: You're not going to throw up at the table again are you?

PC: Right. Let's play something else.

As you might guess, the story behind this doesn't end well.


The morning after a marathon drinking session I wandered upstairs to Ginne and Sam's (and where the Iowa Brothers were staying for the weekend) to see who was alive and who had given themselves up to the vodka gods as a sacrifice for the greater good of everyone else in the house.

Me: Did you get sick this morning?

Pinnah: No, which is surprising considering I ended the night drinking cocktails out of a vase.


Lesson: Indians games can still be fun, 3-man should never (EVER) be played with PC, and vases should only be used to display flowers.

Here's to hoping you classed the 4th of July up as much as we did.

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