Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beffie, My Wonderwall

Me: Oh sad, Ed McMahon died
Beffie: Good, I'm done with that fuck.

Please note that Beffie is not a hater, she just has very strong feelings about random things for no reason at all.

Edit: I'm not even going to mention her thoughts on Farrah and MJ.


Beffie: People like Margaret should not be on facebook for hours at a time doing quizzes. She should be working. Or selling her plasma.

Please note that Beffie is right.


Beffie: I lost a ton of weight so I went to get cute little cuppy-cup bras, and I put them on and my tits were like jell-o in them! I was like "who liquidated my tits!"

Beffie on how her boobs have no shape anymore.


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